Launch Your TutorKit Pilot

What is TutorKit?

TutorKit enables district administrators to create, manage, and monitor their own tutoring and academic support programs—all from a single platform.

Individualized tutoring is one of the most effective ways to complete and accelerate student learning.

TutorKit makes K-12 tutoring program management and delivery easy!

How it Works

Take these 3 simple steps to launch your TutorKit pilot

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1. Apply for Pilot

Submit your pilot application

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2. Assign Your Crew

Identify the individuals that will tutor students during the pilot

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3. Schedule Training

Learn how to use the TutorKit platform so you can train your tutors and students

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Pilot Goal & Scope

With the TutorKit pilot program, we’re seeking input from administrators and educators to discover how TutorKit meets their online tutoring needs, and what can be improved.

Pilots will run through the summer months of 2022 and will be used with summer schools, virtual academies, and other instructional settings.

See pilot timeline for details on milestones and deliverables.

Pilot Application

In exchange for your participation and cooperation in using the platform as outlined in the pilot agreement, including providing regular product and usage feedback, you will be given access to the beta version of TutorKit FREE OF CHARGE during the pilot period.

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Your Crew,
Your Content,
Your Community

Start Your Kit Today!

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Easily Connect

Provide tutoring on the video conferencing platform you choose

TutorKit features included in Pilot

TutorKit is under active development and the following features are anticipated to be ready for use during the pilot time period. Features will be released weekly throughout the pilot period and into the coming school year.

Simply Powerful

TutorKit makes it simple to set-up and manage an online tutoring program that leverages your own crew, content and community.

Mobile First

TutorKit is a mobile first Progressive Web Application that will work on almost any device with popular web browers (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) that your tutors and students have available.


Navigation is easy and designed to be accessible for tutors and students. Follows best practices to meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards.

Tutor Assignment

Use your internal process for approving and hiring the tutors you want, then easily upload and assign them to the programs you design in TutorKit.

Customizable & Flexible

Create custom tags to fit your unique implementation. Define the grade levels, subjects, topics, and program details that you want.

Admin-Created Sessions

Administrators can quickly create individual tutoring sessions (including recurring sessions) for students based upon student needs and district priorities.

Warmup Room

Tutors can provide instructions for students to review before their tutoring session begins and students can see how many students are in the queue and the average wait time before their session will begin.

Launch Live Video Tutoring Sessions

From the warmup room, launch live synchronous video sessions via your district’s preferred video conference application. (Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, Kaltura, Chime, etc.)

Show Efficacy with Exit tickets

Keep tabs on your tutors and track student progress with 2-way data sharing of tutoring session experience and learning take aways.

Data for All Stakeholders

TutorKit captures all the relevant data and feedback from your program, helping you measure the impact on student success and communicate easily with all stakeholders.

Pilot Timeline

Key Milestones & Deliverables

1. Review Opportunity

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Agilix to share key features & benefits of TutorKit

Review Pilot Application

2. Pilot Application

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May 2-20

Review Getting Started Checklist

Review Pilot Application

Signed Pilot Application Due:  May 31, 2022

3. TutorKit Training

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May 16-31

TutorKit training and onboarding working sessions with Program Managers

Schedule Your Training

4. Prepare Your TutorKit Site

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May 23-June 10

Connect TutorKit with your preferred video conferencing application (Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Kaltura, Chime, etc.)

Pilot Program Managers train tutors on TutorKit

5. Available for Launch

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Month of June

TutorKit development completed and available for launch of summer pilots

6. Feedback & Review

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Last Week of Pilot

Post Pilot debrief session to share feedback and next steps.


Contact the TutorKit team